Time To Transform
An Insurance Company wants to focus on a well defined customer segment, and adopt a unique channel strategy in order to maximize customer lifetime value and address competitive issues in weeks rather than months.
An Insurance Company sells liability insurance products as part of a bundled offering with commercial motor insurance, capturing a greater share of wallet with minimal effort.
A Bank wanting to setup and launch a Mass Consumer Retail Product, and be able to do so with a process that is flexible, yet compliant with regulatory norms, in a matter of weeks.
A Bank wanting to be help customers discover products and services relevant to them, as well as buy them and maintain them.
A Bank or an Insurance Company being able to see and understand the financial products your customers are interested in, and more importantly, when they really want them.
Gradatim On demand Systems offer a new way for Banks and Insurance Companies to execute these strategies and expand strategic options by making a broader range of business - economically and technically possible.
Gradatim On Demand Systems create an on demand operating environment, designed with open standards for ease of integration, implement new capabilities and the associated enabling technologies.