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What is Gradatim MFInsure® Insurance System?
The fastest way to grow your business
It is a complete “ready-to-go” new - age system for full policy administration, delivered by Gradatim as a hosted on-demand service.
It supports New Business, Premium collection, underwriting, policy servicing and claims administration for Individual & Group insurance products.
It ensures quick setup of new products with (full) liability profiles - supports Life, General and Health - Mass-Consumer-Retail products.
It delivers Pinpoint distribution through multiple / alternate distribution channels.
It allows quick deployment, thus ensuring the shortest route to writing new Insurance contracts.
It provides full “end-end” real time management and control of operations right from source.
It supports seamless and full integration with existing legacy core systems; existing financial accounting systems; existing and alternate payment channels via industry standard interfaces.
It brings the flexibility to configure - Insurers can setup and manage, both products and processes, as often as they need. In today’s dynamic business environment this is a key asset.