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What is Gradatim MFResolve® banking System?
The fastest way to grow your business
It is a complete “ready-to-go” system for full banking operations, delivered by Gradatim on a cloud based delivery model.
  Gradatim MFResolve® banking System is a “future ready” system that help deliver and manage customized and tailored new products to mass-retail-banking Customer segment – quickly, and connecting customers through new emerging channels. It provides banking companies and banking intermediaries with a core system to classify, capture and service this market.
  Developed using a complete service-oriented architecture and modular, banks can deploy the required functionality alongside the needs of their business. It offers quick, easy access to a core banking system without the need for significant expensive infrastructure, making it the ideal choice for financial institutions that wish to move fast and deploy new products in real quick time. It supports Loan origination, Loan Management, Payments and core accounting for a range of mass-consumer-retail products.
  Current Retail Banking Architecture is based on “Branch Model” and Branch Book Keeping. Gradatim’s Architecture focuses on Transactions and allows our Customers to have a Real Time deployment of Field Models without compromising of Operational Controls.
  Gradatim MFResolve® banking System is built to manage banking products as a standalone core system; Integrate and co-exist with existing legacy core systems and connect to existing payment and alternate electronic payment channels.
  Gradatim’s predictive analytical engine helps analyze customer financial matrices (big data) and identify behavioral patterns (Customer insights). Thus new risk assessment framework can be adopted for first time customers.
Transaction costs are reduced in a number of ways :
  Cloud deployment, Transaction pricing model and the use of analytics for customer profiling. Automated policy underwriting helps reduce transaction costs further. With Gradatim MFResolve® banking System, there is no need to invest in any additional system(s) to manage Mass-consumer-retail products. They are comprehensive front-to-back processing systems.
  The systems have the unique ability to monitor and manage transactions in real time. Intermediary steps can be eliminated and Rule based exceptions can be strictly enforced. In simple terms it is a system that drives efficiency, while providing the necessary control at all levels and across all processes – be it customer or group creation, acquisition, underwriting, loan fulfillment and servicing. All this without losing the product and process flexibility.
  The systems are configurable via parameters; financial institutions can customize new products internally and deploy them instantly without the need for development or testing of new code. The ability to get products to market quickly translates to real competitive edge in a rapidly changing sector. Deployment of new product or process typically takes only weeks.
  The systems also offer the additional advantage of being “simple to use”. This substantially reduces deployment time and training requirements. The system has the ability to drive the next process that is unique.
  Gradatim MFResolve® banking System helps banking companies in creating a customer-centric business model. This model has a direct impact of increasing revenue for an banking intermediary. They can “own” a customer by company, federation, association, affiliation, foundation or any such significant group. Products can be tailor made that best fits the identified group. These products can be quickly and effectively deployed across channels that would deliver the best reach and scale. A customer feels what they receive is unique and for the bank or the banking company, this provides the necessary flexibility, knowledge and customization option.