Gradatim is built on two pillars:

Customer centricity and Constant innovation.

Every product we build is centred around serving a specific customer niche. We are thought partners with

our customers, helping them identify and serve needs of their most high potential segments.

We are deeply invested in the success of our customers, supporting them through bold and often challenging

moves, such as navigating multiple ‘unknowns’ while capturing a brand new customer segment by rolling out

new products through previously unused channels.

Gradatim is a leader in flexible SaaS platforms for the insurance industry. We also

provide flexible banking platform where core banking functionalities can be

setup by assembly and configuration.

Our solutions are:


Solutions across the portfolio: new and existing businesses, retail and commercial.


Rapid roll out – sometimes, in “days”.


No high upfront investment, unlike typical licensing models. Transaction pricing models.


Tailored solutions for the Digital age – enabling you to meet the increasing demands of millennials and other customers.


We have helped our clients reduce operating cost, streamline time to market and boost EBITDA.

People Make a Difference

We are a group of people with a startup mindset and culture. A one of a kind blend of entrepreneurial, business, and technical expertise.

We are result-oriented. Our in-depth understanding of the platform's features as well as the underlying technologies guarantees the success of our customer implementations.

Our relationship starts with our customers asking us “can you get this done for us quickly?" It always leads to our clients asking us “how can we grow this business together?"

The key to our success is the detailed, structured, step-by-step planning. Following a proven, step-by-step methodology, we take ownership, supervise and collaborate with our customers own product, business, and IT teams.

This means you get the best expert guidance in putting in place a new functional, scalable, and cost-effective solution.

Gradatim, brings over decades of expertise and experience. We have worked within complex environments of major insurers, pension institutions and banks. More than a dozen successful project implementations have enabled us to create effective, standardized best practices that we continually improve and update.

On the life insurance side, our platform is used for Term, Gratuity, Superannuation, Annuity, Pension and Retirement products.

On the general (non-life) insurance side, our platform is used for Health, Motor, Property and Casualty, Liability, Deposit, Credit-Guarantee, Marine Cargo, Credit-Shield, Social and Small-Ticket insurance products for individuals and groups.

Our Tenets

We always try to understand from our customers as to why this project is required.

We will always be transparent and let our customers know if and how we fit in with the


Together with our customers we set the goal.

Together with our customers we achieve the goal.

Why Gradatim


We are focused in what we do. We provide flexible SaaS platforms for the insurance, pension and banking industry.


We offer our customers an option of B2B SaaS model where our earnings are a direct measurement of our customers' succeeding.


Our platforms are built on modern architecture and almost entirely configurable by business users.


Our platforms can be implemented in a matter of weeks and we follow an agile method of implementation. We do our implementations together with our customers.


We run an honest and transparent business. We are upfront with our customers about what we can do and where our strengths are. We communicate openly and will always be truthful in the way we manage a relationship.


We are a learning organization and an equal opportunity business.

Have questions about how we can help you grow, scale, and

transform your business?

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+91 80 25258656; +91 80 25258676

#246, SRS Plaza, 13 Cross, Indiranagar II Stage, Bangalore 560038, India