Gradatim enables our customers to build and change their banking

products quickly and easily. Rapidly launch new products and services.



Coin Bank


Multi Currency


Design and launch new products in days. React to market changes with speed and efficiency. Launch products that target new and emerging markets.


Realize scale using our open solutions that support your business eco-system.

A digital-ready model where approval TAT is in minutes. Intelligent enough to learn.


Since our solution deals with nearly all of the core processes, transformation is deep. “On-boarding and Origination” is flexible to be configured.


A model where your business and financial risk is mostly Zero.

Helping Banking CXO's address the

challenges of

growth, scale and



We have helped our customers in growing their businesses, acquiring customers, catering to digital natives, and establishing a robust infrastructure for innovation and continuous improvement in each of our relationships.

What are the advantages of adopting the Gradatim

MFResolve Digital Banking Platform for banks and

other financial services providers?

Grow, Scale and Transform

Gradatim MFResolve® Digital Banking Solution is a cloud-ready, comprehensive digital banking platform that allows customers and banks to interact seamlessly and securely, giving banks a single, efficient way to operate digitally.

Integrated Customer Experience

The customer-experience-management process is integrated within the platform. Configuration allows you to set up customer and agent portals. The behavioural engine provides you with information about your customers' preferences.

The benefit of an end-to-end solution

There are many approaches to digital transformation. Our platform offers a complete end-to-end solution that is both flexible and extensible to meet any distinctive or demanding requirements. From loan origination to loan management, you'll be in control of an end-to-end process.

Rapid Deployment

Rather than coding, your banking environment is managed through configuration. This approach reduces the total cost of ownership for implementations while also reducing ongoing costs. Yes, you will launch new products in a matter of days

Flexible to meet your requirements

Product Definition

Allows complete Product definition setup for retail, personal, micro, SME lending products. The definitions are used in all other sub-processes including loan origination, loan management and transaction accounting.



Loan origination

Supports the digital framework for loan origination process while streamlining the entire mid-office and back-office operations.

Credit decisions

A configurable feature and can be setup based on organization and product credit policies. The credit process as a service can connect to external credit systems or can be extended for third-party credit evaluations.



Collateral Management

Our Collateral Management gives Banking Institutions the ability to track loan collateral, perform lean-marking, set active tasks and run market-value triggers. Collateral management covers the complete loan cycle.

Document Management

A library for all products, processes and compliance. It eliminates the need for paper files and allows banking Institutions to achieve a 100% electronic loan file process.



Risk Rating

Set risk grades based on a calculated risk of potential loss exposure before a loan is approved. Loan collaterals can be assessed for market value periodically throughout its lifespan of a loan.

Relationship Management

Manages the data of customers and all other contacts that play a role in the administration and processing of loans and accounts.



Channel Management

Manages the data of all intermediaries - distribution and sourcing channels including hierarchic organizational structures.

Payment integration

Manages the integration of payment channels – credit cards, debit cards, online banking, mobile payments. Other payment options like deposit accounts can be managed and integrated with the process.



Financial Accounting

Facilitates the financial accounting of transactions, of actions in the loan process and collection management, including invoicing, journalizing, linking to the general ledger and the payment systems.

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