Gradatim successfully manages a set of personalized portals for India's largest general insurer. These portals support high potential groups with a set of uniquely assembled products and serviced by digital hub. These portals have delivered over half a million new policies. All operations are automated and a dedicated two member team manages over a dozen personalized portals.

Assembly of Products

You get to assemble a set of products that are completely customized to meet the needs of your high-potential consumer groups. The assembly is mostly configurable and simple enough for business users to manage. You achieve this without coding. You can put together retail or packaged products.

Underwriting Rules

Underwriting rules are configured. Each portal has its own AI underwriting configurator. Business users can make changes to underwriting rules or define new rules. Underwriting process is mostly automated. You have authority over underwriting rules with exception management, which can be configured.

Assembly of Processes

For your high-potential customers, you can set up a variety of self-service options. These service options are available for configuration by business users. You can setup an interconnected set of services that allows users to manage all their insurance needs in one unified integrated experience.

You Decide the Channel

Any standard intermediary channel, such as a broker or an agency, can be used to launch the personalised portal. It can also be launched through new and emerging channels such as an online portal, a mobile app, or a built-in ecosystem. You can do an iframe or API option to interface with your existing application ecosystem.

Policy Administration

The personalized portal is a fully functional stand-alone policy (and claim) administration solution. You can handle your customers, policies, and claims while maintaining strict controls and reporting. The customised portal can be used as a stand-alone policy solution or integrated with your existing core.

Rapid Deployment

In just a few weeks, you can have a fully functional personalised portal. The user experience is customized to your standards. It serves as a hub for your customers to handle all of their insurance needs. It takes advantage of network effects. It has behavioral analytics and a nudge engine built in.

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