Transforming Group Operaions.

A dream result for every CXO.

"It's a moment of pride for us to announce the launch of our new Policy Administraion System -

Gradaim MFInsure. This is an eagerly awaited moment within Group Operaions since the last several years


The project was kicked of in the month of July and within a period of less than 5 months we go live with the

following modules in the current phase."


New business processing

time reducion


Renewal processing

time reducion


Micro products processing

time reducion

Number of operaional screens reduced from around 40 to less

than 10.

Average time per group policy new business

process reduced from 75 minutes to around

20 minutes.

Reduction in day end batch

process time.

Reduction from 6 to 9 hours to around 30 minutes for day end batch processes. Reduction from over 15 hours to less than an hour for month end batch processes.

Consolidation of multiple systems.

Processes associated with receipting, policy administration and policy or certificate issuance are now part of the new group system.

Standard solution for exception processing - Early renewal

Reduction in processing time of 2 to 4 days

to less than an hour for early renewal


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